Fantasy Mushing
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Fantasy Mushing Rules


Get ready to follow your favorite mushers in a great new way! Whether you are a teacher, student, or mushing enthusiast we hope you find this a fun and interactive way to follow the race. If you enjoy this game visit our Facebook page and help spread the word.


A pack is a group of players competing against each other. You may join an existing pack or create a new one. Packs which are featured (indicated by a star) and packs having more players will appear closer to the top. You may also search for a pack by its name or key. If you decide to create your own pack you must choose if the pack will be public or private. If making the pack private be sure to provide your players with the key.

Building a Team

Choose mushers for your team from the Mushers page using the available $27,000 gold. Your team will be made up of 7 musher. You do not have to use all your gold but you must pick 7 mushers or you will be disqualified. You may make changes to your team until the race has started.


There are two ways to view your team: List, Checkpoint. Click the view buttons to switch between these views.


Your score is based on multiple stats from each musher in your team at each checkpoint

Stat Method
Dogs In 2 pts. for each dog
Place Total mushers minus Musher Position
Run Time Total mushers minus Order of best run time
Finish Total mushers X10 minus Musher Position X10
Awards 200 per award

Scores are subject to change when stats change. When all mushers have finished and all awards given the player with the highest score wins.